The Austra White is cross between a Black Australorp and White Leghorns. Does Poultry keeping pay? This cross produces offspring that are very good layers throughout … There are hundreds of chicken breeds in existence. White, Salmon   The chest line is well rounded while the crammed belly stresses its strong figure. By Neil Armitage Published on April 26, 2020. white, others, Mottled for light varieties, others Dark Blue or Slate, Legs: Yellow, Reds tinged with reddish horn, Chicken Breeds Chart - list taken from Australian Poultry Standard 2nd ed - extra data from BYP forum,, Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported, Black Cuckoo Lavender Splash White OEG colours, Colours - Black Blue Buff Cuckoo Partridge Gold laced Gold creel Silver laced White, Colours: Black Blue Gold pencilled Gold spangled Silver pencilled Silver spangled White, Colours: Dark Jubilee Double Laced Blue White, Colours: Black Blue Blue/Red Brown Buff Cuckoo Golden DW Silver DW Exchequer Mottled Partridge Pyle White, Colours: Black Dark cuckoo Golden cuckoo Silver cuckoo Pekin colours, Sprightly Active Agile. They are the most tiny dwarf roosters on the planet, the so-called bantam. Formerly known as the common yellow bantam in 17th century Britain, this sprightly little bantam was often described by writers of the day and for the following three centuries as extinct or nearly so. Under the right conditions first eggs can be had 24 weeks after hatching.Are Altsteirer chickens friendly?Yes they have a calm temperament and make good free range backyard chickens.How big is a Altsteirer chicken?The average size is 18 to 22 inches tall and between 2 and 3 kg in weight. Laying very well about 200 plus large sized eggs. The Altsteirer has a plump and round body, and produces an excellent carcass when slaughtered for meat. Dark Add to Favorites . pyle, wheaten, What colour eggs does the Altsteirer lay?White, off white, light cream or Ivory coloured eggs. There is only one US hatchery that stocks them as far as I know. These birds are well-adapted to life in the mountains, are excellent climbers and love to roost in trees. The Altsteirer or Styrian chicken breed profile The ancient Altsteirer hen is a very hardy bird. They originate in Austria and are one of the oldest breeds in Europe, dating back to the 13th century. Minimum order is 30. This breed is hardy, calm by nature, but alert and ever curious.Primary use: Eggs, dual purpose.Conservation status: Altsteirers are considered endangered.Size: Large fowl, 18 to 22 inches tall.Weight: Cocks weigh 2-3 kg, with hens reaching up to 2.5 kg.Origin: The Altsteirer is an ancient breed of Chickens from Styria, a state in south-eastern Austria.Eggs: 180-200 large white eggs per year. Chicken Breed Information - Appenzeller Spitzhauben - The Appenzeller Spitzhauben is the national breed of Switzerland, noted for its very unusual forward-pointing crest and v-shaped comb. Are Altsteirer good layers?Average by modern hybrid standards but good for rare breeds.How many eggs does a Altsteirer chicken lay?Altsteirer lay approximately 200 eggs in their first year and remain productive for around 5 years before egg numbers taper of considerably. Sulmtaler Chicken The Sulmtaler is a rare Chicken breed, which originated in the Sulmtal, the valley of the Sulm river, in Austria. Cuckoo Their meat is of good quality, the skin is white and eggs are of medium size. They are cold hardy and mature early. 1-5 Ratings for eggs & broodiness. No breed video yet. Production: Austra Whites are excellent layers, and you can expect more than 250 eggs per year from each hen. As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Altsteirer hens lay an average of 180 white eggs per year over their lifetime but are rarely broody.Starting from the second year of laying, numbers of produced eggs will reduce to around 180 a year but the birds remain productive for many years.The Altsteirer mature earlier than many breeds and hens lay a large number of white eggs, while the roosters, though medium in stature, make an excellent table meat. Laying very well about 200 plus large sized eggs. With four generations of experience selling poultry, we have the perfect Baby Bantam Chicken for you! This is a hardy, broad-breasted medium-sized chicken. Bantams are popular for pets, for showing, for being good broody mother hens and great for small backyards where space is limited. The ancient Altsteirer hen is a very hardy bird. The second runner-up in this list, they are the smallest chickens in the world, some of them only 15 cm tall. How much are marans and where to get them, Mycoplasma gallisepticum -MG- in chickens, Why chickens stop going into the coop at night, Myths and facts surrounding chickens and yoghurt, Can chickens eat Eggplant, Aubergine or Brinjal, Cold tolerance of young chickens and growers, Like my content? On the basis of human utility, there are four major categories under which chicken breeds are classified – egg laying, meat providing, both purposes (eggs as well as meat) and fighting/exhibition. Below is some eggs in the incubator. Day Old Austra White Baby Chicks Hatching February to July. The New Hampshire Chicken breed was developed in 1915 from a strain of Rhode Island Reds that were brought into the New Hampshire state. Olive or Slate They are constantly alert and love to free range and fly. The complete list of chicken breeds from Ancona to Yokohama. contact us to see it here. New Hampshire Reds are one of the great chicken heritage breeds in the USA. They are an excellent layer of off white eggs. They are also known as the Styrian as it was found in the Styrian region of Austria. They average 180 per year.How old are Altsteirer chickens when they start laying eggs?They are a fast growing chicken that is quick to point of lay. Our Austra Whites are a cross between Cackle Hatchery®â€™s pedigree Black Australorp rooster and Cackle Hatchery® White Leghorn hens (parent stock). Disclaimer: This information is from a variety of sources and we cannot guarantee accuracy. Breeds of roosters and smaller chickens, dwarfs, bantam, around the world. They will need a tall coop and run with high perches and plenty of air space to stretch their wings if you intent to keep them inside.Are Altsteirer roosters aggressive?Any rooster can be aggressive but for the most part they are family friendly with no problems especially if kept free range.Are Altsteirer hens broody?No. All the other breeds you listed will probably be okay where temps might rise higher but I don't know how your climate conditions are for keeping Altsteirer.Colours: This breed exists in a number of colours that include white, cuckoo, partridge, and the most common, the black-breasted red.Broodiness: Hens tend to be non-sitters but they do occasionally go broody.Productivity: 180 to 200 eggs in first year.Availability: Rare breed, only available locally and from some breeders and hatcheries.Useful to Know: Very productive ancient crested breed. They are eyewateringly expensive, hatchery chicks are $30 each unsexed.You can try specialist Facebook groups and hunt down breeders. The hens lay a decent number of ivory coloured eggs.Egg colour: Ivory white to light tinted.Class: Large fowl.Temperament: Altsteirers are very active birds and prefer to be on the move, and get a good portion of their diet by free-ranging.Cold hardy: Because of their thick under fluff, they are best suited for cooler to snowy climates and dislike warm sunny locations. This lighter colored red chicken was later recognized as a distinct chicken breed in 1935 and is sometimes called a New Hampshire Red. Willow to Domesticated for thousands of years, distinguishable breeds of chicken have been present since the combined factors of geographical isolation and selection for desired characteristics created regional types with distinct physical and behavioral traits passed on to their offspring. The Sulmtalers has a single comb, white earlobes, whitish-yellow legs, and a head crest. 'Eggs per year" is approximate and often seasonal. The Sulmtaler is a rare and ancient chicken breed from the Styrian region of Austria. It is a chicken developed for people who desire an abundance of white eggs and a calm hen to produce them. They are classed as a heavy chicken breed, and were bred for their laying abilities and high quality fattening as meat birds. They are hardy and… Ancona Chickens Andalusian Chickens. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Chicken breeds by country of origin. When you purchase through links on our site, I may earn an affiliate commission. : This category lists chicken breeds by country of origin. Bresse Farms is a rare breed chicken hatchery located in Pontotoc, Ms. With 500 breeders onsite, we are a small farm compared to most. Mine never went broody in their first year and around 5% of hens go broody in years three to five. They are amazing egg layers and can also be raised for their meat. Buff, silver & golden Bantams are considered a miniature chicken and can be a third to a fifth the size compared to a standard chicken. Altsteirer Chicken The Altsteirer is an ancient breed of Chickens from Styria, a state in southeastern Austria. The ISA Brown is a humble chook. REACH OUT TO ME ON TWITTER WITH THE LINK ABOVE. They are a breed that was developed by Dunlap hatchery in the early 1900's. Stunning blue mediterranean breed. Chicken breeds, Larousse old book, chicken chart, chicken lover, farm prints, chicken poster, chicken lover gift, french country decor, L30 DavesOffice. Altsteirer chickens are a dual purpose breed and are a very ancient and rare breed found in Austria and Slovenia Styria region. Reading Time: 4 minutes By Don Cable, California — Nankin bantams are wonderful chickens for those interested in the history of poultry keeping and especially bantam breeds. Cackle Hatchery® offers a variety of Bantam chickens for sale February through August of each year. Low chick feeders and chick waterers are essential. For the safety of the chicks shipped between Dec 28, 2020 and Mar 29, 2021, orders must have a minimum of 8 total chicks. is supported by its readers. Sources: Some information is taken from the Australian Poultry Standard Edition 2, Published by the Victorian Poultry Fanciers Assoc. They really need to be out and about as they are busy and active fowl. The Altsteirer is an ancient breed that can be traced back to at least the thirteenth century. Some will be sourced from Backyard Poultry Forum members and friends. 5 … The chest length, width and depth ratio is 8:5:3. Simply select your choice of Bantam breeds. Have a peck at our ultimate chicken breed list below to find out more! The name ISA Brown is not actually a breed name, but a copyrighted brand name. Sulmtalers are decedents of old Steirische breeds that were influenced by Paduan breeds. The difference can be seen in their broad, well-rounded breast and in their sturdy shoulder. It’s a dual-purpose chicken breed, that is suitable for producing both meat and eggs. Three local chicken breeds exist in Austria today, all descended from the historic Styrian chicken: the old Styrian, the Cillier, and the Sulmtaler. They are friendly, calm, and easy birds to raise. Note that there are also present below a few regional categories (not country) which do not have national, independent status. The hens lay about 160 cream to light brown eggs a year, but this often corn fed farm chicken was famous for its plump carcass for the table. Here, among the forests and vineyards of this remote and fertile province the Sulmtaler grew to be renowned for its round, muscular body and the extraordinary quality of its meat. Expect a friendly breed, but not lap chickens. The American Poultry Association recognizes the Australorp in its’ original color only – black.However, The Australian Poultry Society recognizes the black, blue and white varieties.South Africa has also buff, splash, wheaten laced and golden in addition to the other colors.The Australorp is a large, heavy bird with close fitting, soft feathers. duckwing, It is classified as a heavy, soft feathered English bird.It should have a very upright stance, carrying the tail high. Blue Salmon Making it difficult to fill orders during peak times compared to large hatcheries. Below: A close up of the heads showing the smaller fine combs. Cuckoo legs white with blue spots, Shanks: unfeathered The Altsteirer is a hardy, medium-sized chicken with white earlobes, and whitish-yellow legs. However, these birds are well worth the wait. The Niederrheiner is an Austrian auto-sexer, and in the 1950s Father Martin Silverudd in Sweden developed a number of auto-sexing breeds that lay eggs in a variety of colors. This is not a good breed to keep if you raise your chicks naturally with broody hens.Where to get Altsteirer and how much to pay for them:They are a rare and difficult to find bird, often only available locally. Red Austra White Chicken Breed Information: THE Austra Whites are a cross between Cackle Hatchery® ’s pedigree Black Australorp rooster and Cackle Hatchery® ’s White Leghorn hens (parent stock shown). This is a very hardy and active dual purpose breed. Austra Whites are a cross between a Black Australorp and a White leghorn. May be aggressive to other fowls, Colours: Black Red, Blue Red, Gold Duckwing + other Gamefowl colours, Colours: Dark Barred Blue Gold Pencilled Partridge, White, Black, Buff, Columbian, Silver Pencilled, Colours: White Crested Black, White Crested Blue + large number others, Colours: Golden Silver + Leghorn colours, Colours: Black Blue Blue-Partridge Gold Grey Partridge White, Colour: Light Brown Buff Coronation Red Silver Speckled White, Colours: Black White Cuckoo Buff Red Blue, Medium consumption. Black Ermine Underneath the black feathers is a layer of white skin. Austra White day-old baby chick. Hens of this breed mature early, are lively, solid and are quite good layers. Altsteirer or Styrian Chicken. Under our copyright licence, if you use any of our material (no derivatives), you must provide attribution on the same page as where the image is displayed (clearly visible) together with a live link back to This page has been accessed 1,211,415 times. Buy freshly milled organic chicken feed shipped direct from the fields of the midwest. Light or Yellow in some varieties. It originates in the Sulmtal, the valley of the Sulm river, in southern Styria, in the south-east of Austria, and takes its name from that valley. To contribute to this chart, please go to: Forum Topic Bantams are very delicate to ship so it is highly important you give them immediate special attention on arrival. Andalusian chickens are a breed that is native to the Spanish community of Andalusia, and was imported to England around 1850. This breed can be traced back to the 13th century, but may even be many times older, given that the region dates back 250,000 years. It is characterized by its small crest, which is sticking upright behind its single comb. Legs colours varied as APS2, Blue-Silver-Grey Broodiness is not a characteristic of this breed. The… Sign up to be on our email list, Chicken hazards in the garden or backyard. Sulmtaler chickens are similar to the old Styrian, but are larger and heavier with a stockier build. In this post, you’ll learn everything that you need to know about Black Australorp Chickens. The roosters are 2 to 4 inches taller than the hens and 0.5 Kg heavier than the hens.Where do Altsteirer come from?The Altsteirer or Styrian hen is a very ancient breed from the Styria region of Slovenia and Austria and records of its existence can be traced to the 13th Century but may be considerably older given that the region has been inhabited for thousands of years.It is believed that the Alsteirer is the foundation breed for other Mediterranean breeds and particularly the Sulmtaler, which bears a resemblance.Do Altsteirer need any special care?They are easy to care for and require no special care as such being a fully hardy chicken.How long do Altsteirer chickens live?6 to 9 years, the same as most rare breed chickens.How much space do Altsteirer need?Quite a lot, they are active birds and like to fly up and sit in trees and do not take well to confinement. Chicken Breeds Chart - list taken from Australian Poultry Standard 2nd ed - extra data from … Chicken are primarily classified on the basis of two major parameters – place of origin and human utility. The Altsteirer is a medium-sized hardy chicken with thick under-fluff, small and white earlobes, and whitish-yellow legs. Originating in England in the 1800s, this black chicken breed has short, fluffy feathers that make the chickens look much large than they really are. The Sulmtaler chicken is an Austrian breed developed in the Sulm river valley south/southwest of Graz in southern Styria, in the south-east part of Austria and takes its name from that valley, Tal means valley in Austrian. They are single combed and the comb on the hen is short and curved into an S-shaped , with a small crest behind it. do you have one. While the… Superficially and from a distance they can be mistaken for Welsummers and without the crest you would struggle to tell the difference.They feel heavier than they look when you pick one up.Breed images showing the different colours: Chicks in the brooder. Altsteirer chicks have a dark strip down their back. This video is on the old breed of chicken known as the Sussex. Diatomaceous earth and how to use it for chickens. The Sulmtaler is an Austrian breed of domestic chicken. The prolific nature of the hens adds to it as a practical utility breed. White earlobes and other traits associated with Mediterranean breeds hint that this may be a foundational breed for many more modern breeds. Barnvelders are named after the Dutch town of Barnveld. Black Australorp chickens are a great heritage breed of chickens. An ancient breed from the Styria in Austria. Feathers on the neck and on the tail are rich; the comb is straight. They are a heavier bird and a lot less flighty then a straight leghorn Silver Grey From shop DavesOffice. The thick, soft, puffy layer of feathers allows this chicken breed to stay warm in cold climates. Please feel … Eggs are white to tinted in colour.Both sexes have a small crest and a single comb with a slight S curve in the comb of the hens. The back slightly inclines towards the end of the body and it seems wide if looked from the u… They are a medium sized, dual-purpose bird. 7 ways to profit from chickens. They were first developed in the early 1900’s. Eggs are white to tinted in colour. White Blue Cuckoo Birchen Low food consumption for egg production, Colours: Large variety including Golden Laced and Silver Laced, Dark Grey or Slate. This page was last modified on 25 October 2015, at 07:24. The Sulmtaler Chicken is a dual purpose crested breed that was established in Austria near the end of the 19th century, though there are records of the breed dating back to the 14th century. Additionally, they can also be … Thank you to Andy Vardy, David Simons, Ray Mathiesen, David Geering, 'Salmon Faverolles' and others who have contributed images. They were first developed in the early 1900's. By 1874, Andalusians had reached the United States and shortly after became a part of the American Standard of perfection, in the American Poultry Association.